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Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions (CISMOR)

CISMOR was founded in 2003 and carries out interdisciplinary research on the monotheistic religions and their worlds. The three monotheistic religions originating in the Middle East - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - are related like brothers. However, there has also been a history of repeated antagonism and conflicts between them. In the midst of such reality, CISMOR continues to steadily advance basic research on monotheism and develop the dialogue among them. To achieve peace and co-existence in the multicultural society, we continue to think about what we can do from Japan and from Kyoto.
But for that purpose, conventional religious studies is not enough to solve complicated problems related to religions in each region. That is why CISMOR is conducting the interdisciplinary study of the monotheistic religions in conjunction with political science, peace study, international relations and global studies.

Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions