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Ada Taggar-Cohen, Professor

Ada Taggar-Cohen, Professor

The Bible and Ancient Near Eastern History and Religions
Jewish Studies and Modern Hebrew Language and Culture

As a biblical scholar specializing in the field of Hittitology, that is the language history and religion of the Kingdom of the Hittites in Anatolia of the second millennium BCE, I conduct comparative studies of religious institutions of the Ancient Near East, mainly the priesthood. I also study the legal thought of the Ancient Near East and its reflection in biblical legal concepts.
As a scholar of Modern Jewish History and Culture I have created the program of Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Theology since 2004, when I joined the faculty as a professor, coming from Israel. Since then I have organized a large number of conferences on Jewish Studies at Doshisha University and abroad. Some of these academic activities were enabled through the support of the CISMOR center at Doshisha University of which I am a core member.

For more details on the Jewish academic activities and publications, and my own research and teaching see my Home Page:

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